Oakland Unified School District:
Demolition of Glenview Elementary School

  • Scope of Work Demolition of a K-8 elementary school that was built in 1921.  The school was a cast in place concrete building with 50′ high walls.  Work included a building seperation and preservation of a historic portico, including structural bracing.  Glenview Elementary School is located in the middle of a residential neighborhood in Oakland.  
  • D-Line’s Contract Value $1,000,000
  • D-line’s Contract Type Subcontract

Oakland Unified School District:
Demolition of Frick Middle School Portables

  • Scope of Work Demolition and abatement of 7 (ea) modular classroom buildings and site restoration.
  • D-Line’s Contract Value $130,000
  • D-line’s Contract Type Prime Contract

Federal Express Oakland Airport:
Building Demolition and Site Restoration

  • Scope of Work Performed building and site demolition, trench excavation, A/C paving, and concrete.  Work took place on an active runway at the Federal Express Facility at the Oakland Airport.
  • D-Line’s Contract Value $200,000
  • D-line’s Contract Type Subcontract

Port of Oakland:
International Arrivals Building Operability Upgrades

  • Scope of Work Structural concrete foundation package for the International Arrivals Building at the Oakland International Airport.  Work included structural demolition, hand excavation of 200CY of soil for footings under and existing crawl space using a conveyor belt system, rebar, and structural concrete.
  • D-Line’s Contract Value $1,500,000
  • D-line’s Contract Type Trade Package

Oakland International Airport:
Seismic Upgrades of Building M102

  • Scope of Work Selective demolition of various structural elements, designing and installing re-shore of existing structure to support construction loads, rebar placement, forming and pouring of 24′ tall cast in place composite shear walls, 3D modeling including clash detection and congestion study, grading, paving and site improvements.
  • Prime Contract Value $3,700,000
  • D-line’s Contract Type Prime Trade Package

UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital- Oakland:
Site Utilities / Service Yard / Earthwork / Garage Modifications

  • Scope of Work D-Line Constructors, Inc. was awarded 4 separate prime trade packages from Turner Construction. 2/3rd’s of the contract value was completed between October 15th and December 15th. Work included: Offsite utilities including storm, sewer, gas, and electrical; asphalt paving of MLK and 52nd ave; earthwork and grading for new building pad and service yard; garage modifications which included selective demolition, reconfiguration of vehicular ramps and structural walls, concrete site work, miscellaneous metals, and garage vehicular access gates.
  • Prime Contract Value $2,800,000
  • D-Line’s Contract Type Prime Trade Package

Oakland Army Base Redevelopment:
Materials Handling Concrete Crushing

  • Scope of Work Manufactured approximately 25,000 tons of reusable fill material by processing demolished concrete and asphalt.  Averaged roughly 2,000 tons per day.
  • D-Line’s Contract Value $125,000
  • D-line’s Contract Type Subcontract

Stanford Linear Accelerator:
LCLS II Utilities Relocation ESP

  • Scope of Work Relocation of existing 12kV duct bank; mechanical, low conductivity, and domestic water lines from a depth of 21’ deep to 6’ below grade, in preparation for the construction of a future drilled tunnel. Work included: Excavation, shoring, and installation of 12kV duct bank, 18” cooling tower water, 10” domestic water, and 2” low conductivity water lines; installation of a pre-cast concrete manhole; coordination of 2 (ea) electrical shutdowns and re-routing of electrical systems in lieu of providing above grade temporary power; installation of fiber optic cable; backfill for future tunnel boring with Control Density Fill; backfill with approved soils; installation of concrete pad and asphalt patthway; restoration of pavement and concrete surfaces; and restoration of landscaped areas.  
  • Prime Contract Value $3,500,000
  • D-Line’s Contract Type Subcontract

City of Oakland:
Sausal Creek Restoration in Dimond Park

  • Scope of Work Restoration of 1,000LF of existing creek that was previously buried in a culvert. Work included: removing 180LF of culvert, clearing and grubbing, installation of a dam and dewatering system capable of handling 10CFS of creek flow, mass excavation and offhaul of over 4,000CY of soil, importing and mixing over 3,500TNS of boulders for new creek bed and walls, native landscape restoration, construction of a new bathroom and hardscape along the length of creek. 2/3rds of the contract value was completed between August 17, 2015 and October 15, 2015. The work took place in and along the private property of 13 homeowners.
  • Prime Contract Value $3,000,000
  • D-Line’s Contract Type Prime Contract

Mid-Peninsula Open Space District:
Mount Umunhum Summit Restoration Project

  • Scope of Work The purpose of this project is to complete the installation of public access improvements for the Summit of Mount Umunhum located within The Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve.  Scope of work includes: site grading, rock excavation, screening and crushing onsite material, importing and setting 700TNS of boulders ranging in size from from 2TNS to 18TNS, installation of dry-stack stone ceremonial circle wall, concrete retaining walls with stone veneer, steel and wood weather structures, 2 sets of concrete stairs, miscellaneous metals, site utilities, site concrete, asphalt paving, and ADA pathways.
  • D-Line’s Contract Value $7,300,000
  • D-line’s Contract Type Prime Contract

Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority:
Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve South Meadow Restoration

  • Scope of Work The purpose of this project is to stabilize the channel, enhance meadow hydrology, and enhance wildlife habitat.  Scope of work includes re-controuring of approximately 500LF of stream channel, placement of rock weirs, construction of a head cut structure, filling agriculture ditches and creating swales, wetland creation and enhancement, and installation of erosion control measures.
  • D-Line’s Contract Value $408,000
  • D-line’s Contract Type Prime Contract
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